Haley Kondra. Silversmith.


Welcome to Howling Wolf Jewelry


My name is Haley and I am a practicing silversmith in the city of Saskatoon: an artsy Paris of the Prairies in the middle of the great Midwestern province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Howling Wolf Jewelry is the result of my great infatuation with the silversmith craft. 

I have dabbled in many art forms- from spinning pottery to upscaling ancient furniture- but after taking two silversmith workshops, I fell in love with the craft because its poetic alchemy called to the fluid nature of my own design process.


Each Howling Wolf piece is a work of the heart.  From start to finish, each ring, earring and pendant is designed and fashioned by hand, giving it a unique personality unlike any other.  You’ll see a variety of stones in my work, but I lean towards the ethereal turquoise as my favourite. Turquoise is a powerful stone which radiates an aura of protection for the wearer. Its variety of patterns and colours are infinite, providing a constant pallet of possibilities.


Nothing is out of the question, so I welcome custom orders! Just send me an email and we can get started on a personal piece which speaks to you.

I build my jewelry around powerful stones because of my consummate affinity with the outdoors. In fact, that’s how my shop received its name.  A howling wolf calls to mind feelings of power, strength and beauty. It is my vision to have all of these elements come alive in those who wear my jewelry.