I was lucky enough to receive my first

piece from Howling Wolf as my end of

an art barter. I made Haley a wood

burned sign for her display when she

was just starting her rounds on the

art fair circuits and in return she made

me a custom built warrior ring

which –upon receiving- I put on my

finger and have since never taken off.

It sits as a statement piece on my right pointer finger (the Jupiter finger) and the finger of power.  As a palmist I realize the importance of certain stones worn on certain fingers to emphasize certain qualities; I feel the ring reinforces my severity, strength and inner resolve.

And aside from the powers of turquoise, it is indeed a visual showstopper. Hardly a week goes by without someone asking about who made it or where I got it and they are always surprised I didn’t buy it in some high end boutique.  Local art is often overlooked, but it pays to support the talents of the cottage industry. The quality and devotion to detail is there.

                                                                                                                                                -Colleen S., artist and palmist