Sunburst Earrings 3

These cute and vibrant earrings are made of 14k Goldfill and Sonoran Gold turquoise. They are perfect for everyday wear, or to add that final unique touch to your outfit.
The earring posts are made from 18g Goldfill. Standard size is 20g, so these are a bit thicker. However, if you’ve been wearing earrings for a few years, or have previously stretched ears, they should be fine!

NOTE:Goldfill has a base metal of brass, with a substantial amount of gold on each side. This makes it a more affordable alternative to solid gold, while still remaining professional quality. While it’s safe to wear Goldfill for people who have sensitivities to other metals, there is a chance the brass may cause irritation if you already have a sensitivity to certain metals.

In order to prolong the life of your jewelry, avoid activities such as swimming and bathing with your earrings in. It is also recommended to avoid harsh chemicals and lotions while wearing jewelry. 

No returns on earrings